Just a couple of queers

This is a page where I’m supposed to tell you lots of things about me, like who I am and what my favorite kind of ice cream is and what I want to be when I grow up. I am born-and-bred in Philly but spent four lovely years living in Portland, Maine, which is where I met my partner in life and crime, Jenn (JJ). We now live in Philly with our four cats, who in no particular order are:

  • Batman – Cranky old man. Hates everything except light ear-scratchies. Needs surgery so he can obtain a vagina.
  • Robin – Fluffy and attention-seeking. Not the smartest. Does not like closed doors or drinking water.
  • Bartok – Mildly homosexual. Perhaps more intelligent than he lets on. Secret cuddler. In gay love with Patrick Swayze.
  • Patrick Swayze – Painfully, profoundly stupid. In gay love with Bartok.

In short, I am:

…in the process of training to be an interpreter and speech therapist.
…a sexuality and sexual health educator, particularly passionate about the areas of identity development/encouragement and STD/STI/HIV prevention, all the while floundering in academia and nerding out about linguistics.
…hoping to eventually churn out a thesis regarding language and sexual consent.
…very queer and not shy about it.
…a musician that believes wholeheartedly in the benefits of public freelance art.
…a fan of slam poetry, drawing robots, gender diversity, kink, listening to people tell stories, being extensively nerdy, making noise and breaking shit.

Mostly, I will always believe in the inherent power of people to be and do amazing, beautiful things.

Oh, and the answers to the first queries are, in order: very queer; vanilla with peanut butter swirls; and a super hero.

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